A Local Delicacy Delivered To Your Door

You can enjoy Taylor’s Maid-Rites anywhere! Order our famous Taylor's Maid-Rites by phone or internet and have them shipped directly to you or someone you love anywhere in the United States. Taylor's Maid-Rites make an excellent gift for Marshalltown natives now living elsewhere.

Shipped Maid-Rites are made plain and then frozen. We pack pickles and onions in separate bags. The Maid-Rites are then packed in a reusable cooler with re-freezable Gel-Packs and are shipped UPS 2nd Day Air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. We ship Maid-Rites in quantities of 1, 2, or 3 dozen. 

If you've never visited Taylor's, why not find out for yourself why Midwest Living magazine called the Maid-Rite "The king of the loose meat sandwich".

Preparation Information

Remove the Maid-Rites from the shipping cooler. You may then either refreeze them or refrigerate them. Leave the Maid-Rites in their wrapper, thaw at room temperature, then microwave on high for 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on the power of your microwave.

Remove from the microwave, add condiments, and ENJOY!


*Includes packaging.
*All orders shipped UPS Second Day Air. Shipping and tax included at checkout.
*Orders are shipped on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Quantity Price (including packaging)*
1 Dozen $84.90
2 Dozen $153.80
3 Dozen $218.20
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